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Nokia launches £1 games promotion on its Ovi Store

Nokia has launched a 30-day promotion dropping a bunch of popular games’ prices to £1 on its Ovi Store. They include Doodle Jump, Fieldrunners, Bejeweled, The Sims 3 and Pac-Man Championship Edition.

The offer kicked off on Monday, and lasts until 12th August. It’s a sign that Nokia is keen to remind people that iPhone isn’t the only place you can get cheap games at the moment. In fact, Ovi Store has an expanding catalogue of stuff to play, even if some of the best titles – Doodle Jump and Fieldrunners for example – started life on iPhone.

Cutting game prices is all the rage at the moment: witness the recent price war between publishers EA Mobile and Gameloft on iPhone, where they dropped a number of their games to 59p to send them up the charts. The question is whether all these promotions is leading mobile users to see a quid (or less) as the price for a decent mobile game.


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