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Nokia takes UK job-hunting into the world of augmented reality with JobLens

Nokia JobLens app iconThis morning we met with Nokia and its new partner Entrepreneur First to celebrate the launch of these two companies new collaborative effort to marry job seeking and the world of mobile technology under a new service they’re calling JobLens.

An extension of the lens system already found on the latest Windows Phone devices, Nokia Lumia users now have exclusive access to the JobLens application that borrows from a myriad of sources to offer up a wealth of information tailored to job seeking in the UK. The app itself launched four weeks ago Stateside and is now here with new UK-centric partners to bring that same capability to our shores.

Entrepreneur First is a young organisation that has already achieved great success mentoring and molding new startups with 11 companies from last year’s scheme already accumulating more than £5 million in new finances. It also sees support from the government and indeed Secretary of State for Business Innovation – Vince Cable was in attendance to sing the organisation’s praises whilst Dragon’s Den ‘Dragon’ James Kahn is said to be implementing a startup loan scheme to further the potential power of new businesses.

Meanwhile Nokia’s involvement comes from inspiration Bryan Biniak – Nokia’s VP and General Manager for app development encountered in India. While talking to consumers Bryan explained that young businessmen and women he spoke with simply explained that, “You cannot get a job without a phone,” and it is this simple concept that has lead to the arrival of JobLens.

The application, which is available for free to Lumia owners from the Windows Phone Store is broken down into five key sections, the focus being the augmented and map view modes which allow the user to see potential job roles based on their current location in real-time. The job offerings are pulled in from a number of sources and suggestions are tailored based on your connections via LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter and your Windows Live ID.


Swiping across breaks down key sources that feature within your personal network of connections, as well as recommended job roles, saved job roles that the user can track, and resources which offer incredibly handy tools such as company profiles, suggested salaries for different job types and demographics based on select neighbourhoods.


The feature set in incredibly rich and could help provide users with previously unforeseen avenues to new carriers, clients and more. Nokia is offering users the first taste of JobLens, but the service may potentially roll out to other platforms in the future.


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