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Nokia leaked video pulled. Lumia N900?

After Stephen Elop’s accidental unveiling of the Nokia Lumia 800 way back in July (and the ‘leak’ of the Nokia 801 within another video), we can’t help but associate generous, information-laden leaked clips with Nokia’s Window Phones.

This association was well and truly compounded yesterday, with a leaked developer targeted video not only communicating all the perks of Nokia’s platform, but also sharing rather sharp render of a previously unseen Windows Phone handset.

After seeing a tweet from @m4tt at The Next Web indicating the video has been pulled, it got us thinking. With little privy information in the content of the video, we can only assume that the handset itself may be the reason Nokia have taken the clip offline, implying that it may not be a prototype. The Nokia Lumia 900? Lumia 1000? It’s too early to say, but we’re hoping to get more insight into Nokia’s 2012 roadmap at CES and MWC in early 2012.

Source: Twitter @m4tt Video Source: All About Phones


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