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Nokia Lumia 1001: The first Windows Phone 8 device?

Does Nokia’s first Windows Phone 8 device already exist? It would seem so if Bluetooth technology has anything to say about it. Spotted on Nokia’s RDA service, an unassuming device named the ‘Nokia Lumia 1001’ was sighted on the connectivity availability list.

TechCrunch managed to unearth this secret handset when making use of Nokia’s Remote Device Access service which developers are given use of when they don’t have direct access to developer hardware first hand. By remotely controlling a Nokia device, developers can test software via a web browser which provides remote access to a Nokia device.

Having this remote access does of course pose a problem for Nokia in that any RDA user can access features such as Bluetooth and effectively search their surroundings for anything out of the ordinary over the airwaves. This process worked for the Nokia Lumia 900 and there’s a chance it’s just paid off again.

Nokia Lumia 1001

Instead of raving about the potential Windows Phone 8-friendly hardware which could stand behind the name, we need to consider the possibility that this isn’t a Lumia at all, or at least not a new one. RDA was used to check the presence of the Lumia 1001 over Bluetooth from not one but two devices (a Nokia 500 and a Nokia N9), both of which yielded the same result. A name however, will only take you so far. As the source points out, there’s every chance this is a ruse by an in-house Nokia developer simply looking to set news feeds ablaze with fallacy of the next Lumia.

The Nokia Lumia 1001 would fall roughly inline with the new naming convention adopted by Nokia, where higher numbers denote the more powerful handsets. And if this is a legitimate device, discounting the appearance of the Nokia Lumia 910, maybe it is the first Windows Phone 8 that we’ve caught wind of.


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