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Nokia uses 50 Lumia 1020s to capture New York life in bullet time

Some inventive bods at Nokia headed to New York armed with a rig of 50 Lumia 1020 smartphones to create a bullet time-style freeze frame of life in the city.

'Arc of Wonder'

Bullet time was an impressive special effect popularised by the Matrix Trilogy and it’s appeared in movies, TV shows and videos games numerous times since. The original effect used tens to hundreds of still cameras snapping shots in unison, each shot then becoming a frame of video so you could jump to different points in space captured at the same moment.

The New York-based filmmaker Paul Trillo and Nokia’s creative lab leveraged the company’s newfound relationship with Microsoft by assembling a custom-made rig of 50 Nokia Lumia 1020 handsets in a wide arc, all controlled by a bespoke app running on a Microsoft Surface tablet.

Dubbed the ‘Multi Lumia Arc of Wonder’, whoever’s using the Surface can simultaneously set camera settings and fire the shutter off across all the phones to capture a single moment. Click here to watch the ‘behind the scenes’ video and see how it all works.

A total of 30,000 images were eventually taken, which were then sifted through and arranged into the resultant video you see here. These bullet time moments are set against audio recorded at the point of capture as well as people and places around the city.

Arc of Wonder 2

We’re already well aware of how impressive Nokia’s PureView imaging technology is, but in this instance it’s the on-going fascination with bullet time that’ll catch most people’s attention.

The Lumia 1020 may rock the largest camera sensor on the market, but the company’s new flagship, the Lumia 930, is waiting in the wings and it should serve up a more rounded smartphone experience, including a stellar camera.



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