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Here’s the first good look at the Lumia 1520, Nokia’s rumoured 6-inch Windows Phone

Multiple reports have indicated that Nokia is preparing a 6-inch Windows Phone – codenamed “Bandit” – and we may finally have a glimpse of what the device looks like. A member of The Verge forums posted what appears to be the “Bandit” next to another Lumia handset. And as you can see, it’s massive.

That rumoured 1080p display resolution could bring additional space for tiles on the home screen too. You can currently fit two columns on Windows Phone 8 devices, but the “Bandit” looks to include three. Other rumoured specifications for the device include a Qualcomm Snapdragon 800 SoC, a 20-megapixel camera, and LTE connectivity.

Twitter tipster @evleaks believes the “Bandit” will be officially known as the Lumia 1520. That’s a pretty big increase in the number scheme from Nokia’s last phone, the Lumia 1020 – we can’t help wonder if the scale of the numbers is slowly going to get out of hand.



There’s no clear picture of when the Lumia 1520 could launch, but The Verge previously reported that it would debut on US carrier AT&T before the end of the year. If the device turns out to be real, then we’ll have to wait and see if Nokia intends to release it internationally.


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