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Nokia Lumia 610 confirmed for first week of June

Nokia has confirmed it’s budget Windows Phone handset, the Nokia Lumia 610 will be coming to market in the first week of June, so not long to wait now at all for those of you who want the affordable slice of the Lumia pie.

Well Nokia’s Head of Smart Devices for Western Europe, Emma Gilmartin confirmed the news at an event in London yesterday.

The Nokia 610 is a significant device for a few key reasons. We first came into contact with it at Mobile World Congress in February and even then Nokia were singing its praises. Aside from being the smallest member of the Lumia family, the 610 is actually the first device to make use of the new minimum hardware requirements made available with the introduction of Windows Phone 7.5 Tango.

Nokia lumia 610 group

Tango dropped the minimum specs for Windows Phone which allows new lower-end WP devices like the 610 to exist. Although Lumia devices have seen some pretty ferocious marketing on both sides of the pond, it’s the entry level market where the brand has been lacking. The introduction of the Lumia 610, which is slated to be available on a number of carriers in the UK, including the likes of O2 with contracts starting from £15 a month, is big news.

Windows Phone lends itself well to being an introductory smartphone OS. Users still have access to all the features found on your average Android or iOS device, but the metro UI simplifies the user experience and allows for fast navigation of the phone’s features, in short it excels at being clean and simple. By making a truly affordable Windows Phone, Nokia are reinforcing how seriously they’re taking their new lease of life.

We’ll be putting the Nokia Lumia 610 in the coming days and no doubt we’ll be able to discern just how much potential influence, this device may have on the market.


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