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Nokia Lumia 610: Hands-on and first impressions

Nokia tested the budget waters with the Lumia 710, and now they’re striking back with the Lumia 610, another cheap Windows Phone offering. This one is a little bit special.

First, it’s the first Windows Phone to be running the latest version of the OS, Tango, specifically designed to accomodate lower specification handsets. The Lumia 610 is running on an 800Mhz processor, 256MB of RAM, and a 5 megapixel camera. Screen resolution is still set at 800×480 on a 3.7-inch display.

We’ll just get this out of the way – yes, it’s clearly a cheap handset, and that’s reflected in the materials and feel of the phone. Not terrible, it is however plastic fantastic, tangibly superseded by the Lumia 710 and akin to the Samsung Genio of old. A comparison to the ZTE Tania wouldn’t go amiss either in terms of screen, being mediocre in terms of vibrance and colour.

The phone also feels lightweight, to the point where “hollow” might enter our vocabulary. So while a bit toy like, the fact that the phone feels destined for a younger audience is sufficient reason for this.

Nokia say the Lumia 610 will come in around 189 EUR, which means we could possibly be seeing this breaking the magical £99 barrier here in the UK if subsidized by the right network on PAYG. Availability? Say it with me: second quarter. Why didn’t you say it?


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