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Nokia Lumia 800 available to order from Vodafone in black, cyan version now pre-ordeable

The Nokia Lumia 800 in voluptuous black in now available to purchase from those lovely people at Vodafone.

Going for free on contracts starting at £36 a month on 24 months and £41 a month on 18 months, the Lumia 800 is Nokia’s first Windows Phone smartphone to hit the shelves and is one of Nokia’s best in ages. Check out our glowing review and the Top Ten first apps to download on the Lumia 800 here.

If black’s not your thing and you need something with a little more colour, you can pre-order the cyan version of the Lumia 800 instead. It’s going for the same money as it’s darker counterpart, but won’t be available for a while yet.

Whichever colour variant you go for, Vodafone is bunging in £60 of vouchers and you’ll also be able to sign up for the Data Test Drive, which effectively gives you three months of unlimited internet access.


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