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Nokia Lumia 800: making of video

The Nokia Lumia 800 is due to hit the shops next week and the Finnish company has been revealing some insights and secrets into its design.

At eight minutes it’s quite a long video, but there are some interesting insights and interviews with key members of Nokia’s creative team.

According the Nokia The aim of the phone was to create: ‘something that seamlessly and naturally fuses together beautiful industrial design with the best software and user experience.’


It’s clear that the Nokia and Microsoft worked very closely together – a fact mentioned several times.

TWhen designing the Lumia 800, Nokia focused on using a material that helped antenna performance, hence why the company opted for polycarbonate rather than metal, described here as ‘premium plastic.’

There are some interesting facts about the design. Nokia ensured the colour of life tiles was adapted to blend in naturally, apps are focused to the specific country (surely this is something that everyone does?) and features like contacts transfer were put in to help Symbian users make the transition to Windows Phone.

Surprisingly there’s no mention of the Meego-touting Nokia N9 anywhere, the handset which of course was first to sport the unibody design….

Via: Nokia Conversations


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