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Nokia Lumia 800: Our top 10 free apps

You’ve just bagged yourself a brand new Nokia Lumia 800 with its shiny bevelled display and elegant matte finish. While powering it up, you salivate at the prospect of all the goodies Nokia have crammed inside, Mix Radio, Nokia Maps, Nokia Drive, oh the excitement. As your mind wanders into the Windows Phone Marketplace beyond your standard  Facebook and Twitter apps, you start to blank. What apps are available? What apps are good? More to the point, what are the first ten apps you should download to turn your Nokia Lumia 800 into the most incredible super-phone the world has ever known?

Here’s our list:

1. Whatsapp

Nokia, connecting people. Phones, communication devices. Chances are, you’ll want to use your new Lumia 800 to get in touch with your people and whether they’re BlackBerrys, iPhones or Androids, they’ll likely have access to WhatsApp. This cross platform messaging app lets you chit-chat with minimal data usage and send pictures as well, spreading the love across OSs.

2. Kindle

Read a book on my phone? Don’t be ridiculous, that’s what my Kindle’s for. Yes, yes it is. But what if you forget your Kindle? What if you’re standing up on a crowded train and can’t reach into your bag to grab your Kindle? What if you don’t have a Kindle in the first place? Simple, just pull out your spanking new Nokia Lumia 800, download the Kindle app, and Bob’s your uncle, you can carry on reading Lethal Seduction by Jackie Collins right where you left off. Magic.

3. The Guardian

Now that you’re done with your hard hitting tale of lust and betrayal, fancy passing the time refreshing your awareness of real world goings on? Perfect. The Guardian app is one slick informer that not only delivers fresh content your way upon opening, but also taps you in to an entire archive of articles formatted specifically for your new Nokia Lumia 800. You can even pin your favourite sections to your start menu for quick and easy access.

4. All Recipes

It’s time to think about dinner. Starting with the Allrecipes app, if you’re short on cooking inspiration, this gem gives you access to a mind-boggling range of recipes with images, user reviews and more variations of double chocolate chip cookie than you can shake a Kenwood mixer at. In fact, almost everything we have to say about the Allrecipes is overwhelmingly positive, just bear in mind it does use US food measurements, so if you can’t stomach cups and ounces, read on.

5. Tesco – Real Food

In stark contrast to Allrecipes, Tesco Real Food is a recipe finder guaranteed to make you feel right at home. With metric measurements aplenty and a recipe archive that puts quality above quantity, you can’t go wrong here, with a simple recipe search by dish or ingredient and a ‘featured’ section that suggests seasonal nibbles. Tesco has even been kind enough to include a store finder in the app so you always know where your nearest shop is.

6. Poynt

Now that you’ve found a curry recipe using your Tesco Real Food app, you’ve seen the pictures, glanced over the ingredients and can practically taste the sweet coconutty korma hitting your palette, all you have to do is make it. But it’s late, it’s been a long day and you’re tired. Sound familiar? If so, then Poynt, a location based business finder could turn your Nokia Lumia 800 into your new best friend. In a minute flat, you could know where your nearest curry house is, the average price of a main course, the number to call to book, and even get a map link to guide you there. Happy days.

7. Spotify

Without plugging the Nokia Lumia 800 into a computer, getting music content on it can be tricky. Believe it or not however, there’s an app for that too. The long awaited Spotify for Windows Phone has landed and it’s just in time for your new Nokia Lumia 800. Just download the app and you’re treated to 48 hours of premium Spotify with unlimited access to a plethora of music (17,268,500 tracks to be precise). After that, memberships start from £5 per month.

8. Tunein Radio

If making playlists and paying for music on your mobile sound like a bit of a faff, then Windows Phone is blessed with one of the best iterations of Tunein Radio we’ve come across. It looks slick and also lets you pin shortcuts to your start menu, so you can literally switch on your phone, press a button and hey presto, you’re listening to Gideon Coe on Radio 6 – it really doesn’t get any quicker than that.

9. Flixster

Zune on the Nokia Lumia 800 is great at handling movie content, but one thing it doesn’t do is tell you about movies. Cue Flixster. In association with Rotten Tomatoes, Flixster has become renowned amongst mobile users as a movie lovers Mecca. Not only does it give you the lowdown on films you’re interested in, it will also find your nearest cinema and tell you what’s playing there as well as stream movie trailers to help you decide what to watch.

10. Evernote

Our final recommendation for your Nokia Lumia 800 comes in the form of Evernote. On hand to pick up where Google Docs falls short, this note taking app lets you seamlessly share and edit type, images, sounds or hand drawn notes across phones, tablets and computers with minimum fuss. All you have to do is make an account, then your simple username and password combination will centralise your notes, making Evernote a fantastic, free tool and the tenth app in our list to help turn your Nokia Lumia 800 into a bona fide super-phone.