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Nokia Lumia 820: Cheapest SIM-free pricing joins carriers and their contracts

One of Nokia’s newest creations and the second handset following the company’s new flagship, the Nokia Lumia 820 is expected to arrive in the UK in the coming weeks.

The Windows Phone 8 handset which we got to play with last week joins the Nokia Lumia 920 as one of the most compelling examples of a device sporting Microsoft’s new mobile OS around. The 820 misses out on features its flagship brother natively supports like wireless charging and larger internal storage, but issues such as these can be rectified with the with optional exchangeable covers and the fact that the 820 also supports microSD removable memory.

Nokia Lumia 820 EE

Aside from Three, the Nokia Lumia 820 looks set to grace every major UK carrier as well as the likes of Carphone Warehouse and Phones4U.


Being first is important in this industry and Unlocked-Mobiles should now be your first port of call for buying a SIM-free Lumia 820 as stock became available earlier today (22/11/12). The LTE handset can be picked up from the online retailer for £394.98 with black being the only colour option currently on offer. The site also offers next day delivery.



The Nokia Lumia 820, along with the 920 is one of the only Windows Phone 8 handsets to support the UK’s new 4G LTE high speed mobile data network. As such, users will be able to pick it up from EE for use on their new network following November 9th. The handset is listed as free on a £36 a month tariff which includes 500MB of mobile data and unlimited calls and texts on a two-year plan.



There are a number of UK carriers without 4G offering the Lumia 820 for use on their robust 3G networks instead, O2 being one of them. The new Nokia is available for free from £36 a month on a two-year plan but unlike EE, expect a much larger data allowance to be offered at this price point, albeit over 3G rather than 4G. The handset currently rests on the ‘coming very soon’ section of O2’s site, so an imminent November arrival is on the cards.



It looked as if HTC would have the Windows Phone 8 slot all to themselves at Vodafone, just as they do with Three, but the Nokia Lumia 820 stepped in to spoil their fun and offer consumers something a little different. The red network don’t yet have any pricing or availability information besides the fact that the handset is on its way, but when and for how much we can’t say. Based on the competition, expect a November-time.



If you want to approach Phones4U to pick up a Nokia Lumia 820, you’ll have to keep an eye on your emails once you’ve registered your interest. The handset is on the cards for November time with a free handset on a £31 a month, two-year plan.


Carphone Warehouse

We were just supplied with a press release dedicated to the Lumia 820 from Carphone Warehouse confirming that it’s now available for pre-order on their site. Customers will be able to pick the handset up on O2, Vodafone and Orange starting at £29 per month with one of Nokia’s new wireless charging plate accessories thrown into the deal for good measure (worth £45). Carphone Warehouse also list the Nokia Lumia 820’s SIM-free pricing at £379.95 should you want the handset with no strings.



The online retailer just updated availability for the Lumia 820 with the black version the only colour on offer. Stock hits their virtual store shelves tomorrow (November 30th) and pricing is listed at £419.99 SIM-free.



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