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Nokia Lumia 900 specs revealed?

Everybody assumed that the Nokia Lumia 800 was the new flagship handset to herald the new age of Window Phone on Nokia hardware. Nokia World delivered a slick, new, decently specced device, why wouldn’t people? Recent reports however are suggesting that the Nokia Lumia 800 is in face bookshelved between the Lumia 710, and a higher specced Lumia 900.

The first hint came with an overshare from Paul Amsellem, head of Nokia France, when he alluded to a premium Lumia handset to sit above the Nokia Lumia 800. Then came a mystery handset, leaked in a developer video and also in photos at Pocketnow.


Now there’s been an indication that Nokia will be releasing a new flagship handset in early 2012 to supercede the Nokia Lumia 800. Boy Genius were tipped off earlier that the New Nokia Lumia 900 will feature a 4.3″ Clear Black AMOLED display and an 8-megapixel camera as well as a 1.4GHz processor and the latest version of Windows Phone, Tango on board. This could ring true for the handset render leaked in the developer video and the images given the camera specs.

We expect to hear more at CES – so stay tuned in January. We’ll be covering the event and hopefully doing a hands on with the device set to turn all these leaks into something a bit more solid.