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Nokia Lumia 920 Tips and Tricks

The Nokia Lumia 920 is Nokia’s flagship smartphone and one of the first phones to run Windows Phone 8 – the brand new version of Microsoft’s operating system. 

We love the Nokia Lumia 920, awarding it 4.5 stars in our review – praising the build, screen, camera and the new WP8 features. Here are some tips and tricks to make the Nokia Lumia 920 even better.


Tip 1: Take a screenshot

Windows Phone 8 finally includes the facility to capture screenshots, which you do by pressing the power button and start key at the same time. To locate your screenshot tap Photos and you’ll see a Screenshot folder.


Tip 2: Keyboard shortcuts

To quickly put a full stop at the end of a sentence tap the spacebar twice, in addition to keep the caps lock on, double tap the shift key.


Tip 3: Summon the cursor

If you’ve made a spelling mistake, it can be tricky using the touchscreen too adjust one letter, which is where the cursor is so useful. Press and hold on and the cursor will appear, which you can then move around the page.


Tip 4: Deleting email

One way to delete email is to tap the message, hold it down and select delete. An alternative and quicker way is to tap to the left of the message and a series of tick boxes will appear. Select the email you want to delete and tap the delete key at the bottom. Alternatively to move it to another folder, tap to the right (as above) and this time select the icon at the bottom right and choose the new location.


Tip 5: Manually select mobile data

The Nokia Lumia is one of the UKS first 4G phones. One of the problems with 4G is that it can drain the battery. Go to Settings – Mobile Network – Highest Connection Speed, choose 2G or 3G and it won’t go any higher, conserving the battery. 

Tip 6: Nokia City Lens

One of the unique features Nokia has installed on its Windows 8 devices is Nokia City Lens, an app that allows you to find places nearby visually. Open the app and select the category eg: food, hotels, shopping, fun, sights and transport, or just choose nearby. The app uses the camera to reveal places of interest nearby and the distance.

Tip 7: Cinemagraph

Nokia has introduced a few ‘Lenses’ adding extra functionality to the camera. Cinemagraph turns your photos into animated movies. Launch the app, focus on something that moves and take the shot. It highlights areas it thinks are animated, you can control the length and speed and which areas are animated.


Tip 8: Music searches

Heard a track you desperately need to know the name of? Windows Phone 8 has it’s very own Shazam-like service. Tap the Search button and then the Musical note and it will search and identify the track.


Tip 9: Voice commands

The Lumia 920 phone includes a built-in voice command tool. Press and hold the Windows button down and speaking slowly and clearly say a command using the words: Call, Find, Open, Start and Text. We tried it with mixed results – simple commands like “Call mum” and “Launch calendar” work well, but using it to find things was trickier. Go to Settings – Speech and you can specify whether voice search will work when the phone is locked and whether to use it over 3G.


Tip 10: Camera controls

To prevent the camera launching accidentally in your bag head to Settings – Applications – Pictures + Camera. Tap the slider next to ‘Prevent accidental camera launch when phone is locked.’ Within this menu you can also determine whether to take pictures simply by tapping the screen.


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