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Nokia Lumia 925 Tips and Tricks

This is the new Nokia Lumia 925, it’s thinner, lighter and totes a more impressive camera than last year’s Lumia 920 and we’ve put together a few tips and tricks to help you get the most out of it.

Tip 1: Camera quick launch

The most prominent feature of the new 925 is its 6-element lens-toting 8.7-megapixel camera, but what sets it apart from the majority of its camera-savvy Lumia siblings is that it serves as the debut device for Nokia’s new Smart Camera app.

The app, which brings a number of fancy new capture modes to the 925 can be toggled to the hardware camera key on the Lumia’s right side. By default, long pressing this button launches the stock Windows Phone camera, but if you open the Nokia Smart Cam app, tap the options button in the bottom right of the screen and choose ‘set default camera’ you’ll then have the ability to toggle various behaviours surrounding the app.

One option is a dropdown menu that lets you select which camera app launches when long-pressing the camera key. Using this menu you can choose the default camera or Nokia Smart Cam.

Tip 2: Data Sense

Since the arrival of Ice Cream Sandwich, Android users have been able to keep tabs of their mobile data usage and even had the option to limit mobile data to prevent accidental costly downloads. Now, thanks to Nokia and the 925’s new Data Sense app, Windows Phone users have that same level of control.

Out-the-box Data Sense offers you a graph view of data usage over both mobile and WiFi networks independently. You can swipe to the side to see a breakdown of apps and services using data in a more detail capacity and if you want you can even set a data limit.

The ‘Set Data Limit’ menu lets you choose from different plan structures like pre-paid or pay monthly and from there define when your limit resets and how much your data limit is. From here you can choose to simply receive a warning, or have your 925 limit data use when it’s approaching the limit.

Tip 3: Touchscreen sensitivity

One of the great features across a number of Lumia handsets, including the 925, is there enhanced touchscreen sensitivity. From within the Display+Touch section of the Settings menu you can choose to toggle the screen between normal and high sensitivity modes; the key difference being that setting the 925 into high sensitivity allows you the ability to operate the touchscreen through gloves.

What’s more, there’s the option to double tap the screen to wake, which is a nice alternative tapping the power/lock key.

Tip 4: PhotoBeamer

As taking photos is such a big focus on the Lumia 925, it’s good to know that there are also easy ways to share them too. PhotoBeamer is a new app that comes preinstalled on the phone that lets you share photos with any phone irrespective of OS.

On opening the app you need to choose a photo you want to share and once you’ve chosen said photo the app will then launch the camera. From the receipt’s phone, heading to will bring up a QR-code on-screen.

Scanning the QR-code from the 925 will then cause the chosen image to appear on both devices and you’ll even be able to resize the image in real-time, from one device to the other.

Tip 5: Glance Screen

MeeGo on the Nokia N9 had a great number of innovative UI touches and one such element has made its way to the Lumia 925. Glance Screen, as it’s now called, keeps information such as a clock and unchecked notifications on-screen while keeping the display in a state of low power.

Under the Display+Touch option in Settings there are a number of features to customise Glance Screen, such as display time and even the inclusion of a timed night mode which changes glance content to red on the display to preserve your natural night vision.


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