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Nokia Lumia 925 unboxing video

With the arrival of iOS 7 breathing new life into the iPhone in 2013 and key players in the Android space such as Samsung, Sony and HTC having released new flagships of their own, Nokia clearly felt compelled to up their game ahead of the long-rumoured unveiling of their new PureView-toting Nokia EOS Windows Phone.

In many ways the Nokia Lumia 925 is serving as a stopgap between last year’s Nokia Lumia 920 and the aforementioned EOS, but it does bring some notable tweaks, changes and updates to the recipe that makes a flagship Nokia. For one, the camera has been reworked, with a new six-element lens offering the same impressive low-light imaging prowess as before, along with improved natural daylight photography chops.

As the Lumia 925 now serves as the Finnish company’s latest flag bearer, the company’s marketing team are putting all their efforts behind it. At a special London event just yesterday we learnt that this is one of the first handsets to receive immediate support from practically all major partners, including the likes of Vodafone who is exclusively offering a 32GB version of this new Windows Phone to its customers.

For those looking to lay down the money for the new flagship, here’s a rundown of what you get in the box. First and foremost you’ll find the handset itself; lighter than its predecessor but with supercharged elements of hardware. This is the first Lumia to incorporate metal elements into its design – said to improve mobile connectivity, and in addition it’s on offer in white, grey or black. Once the phone’s out and left to power up, you’ll find a standard Nokia SIM tray removal tool, followed by the rudimentary bumf, including a warranty and quick-start guide.

The final layer of the box is divided into three compartments. The lowest portion contains white Nokia headphones complete with replaceable silicone earbuds for different users, followed by the company’s most recent, compact UK wall charger and to finish, there’s a standard USB to microUSB lead in the topmost section.

Unlike the Nokia Lumia 920, Nokia decided to remove the inbuilt wireless charging functionality in the device so that it could enjoy a slimmer waistline and lighter overall weight, but the team behind the device has assured us that from launch, additional wireless charging compatible cases can also be purchased in black, white, red or yellow.


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