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Nokia Lumia 928 and Galaxy S3 cross mics in audio recording battle

Nokia obviously wasn’t content with showing off the PureView technology on the Lumia 928. The company is back yet again with another video, this time demoing the audio recording capabilities of the phone compared to the Samsung Galaxy S3. Can you guess what the result is after the last video?

This time Nokia didn’t stick the phones on a rollercoaster, instead opting to take to the New York City subway to record a live band. The company quickly points out in its video that the Lumia 928 is capable of recording “high quality audio” without any distortion at loud volumes, something that the Galaxy S3 seems to struggle with.

A decibel indicator on the right provides a nice visual cue, but ultimately your ears will determine the victor. The difference between the two is definitely hard to notice at first, and we wouldn’t be surprised to see people call Samsung as the winner considering the recorded audio on the Galaxy S3 is louder. Listen closely, though, and you’ll quickly notice the difference. The Lumia 928 seems to better capture the individual instruments, with the subtle distinction between them lost on the Galaxy S3.

And once again, the video shows the difference in video recording between the two devices. The Lumia 928 shows off the optical stabilisation, with the Galaxy S3 appearing shakier and sometimes hunting for focus. Nokia still hasn’t officially announced the handset, though, but the company is expected to unveil the phone at its upcoming event on May 14th. Until then, you’ll have to piece together the design and details of the phone through teasers and adverts.

[spotted at Engadget]


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