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Nokia and Deadmau5 team up for the Lumia Switch event in London

Last year we saw famed DJ, Deadmau5 perform in front of a 250-foot-tall Nokia Lumia 800 projected onto the front of Millbank Tower in London and Nokia let ‘the Mau5’ loose again tonight, this time at an exclusive event near London Bridge.

Nokia Lumia Deadmau5

The event itself took place in a square just of Southwark Street, which Nokia had decked out with lights, projectors and speakers to turn the whole thing into a miniature arena. Nokia have been running competitions giving fans of the brand and/or Deadmau5 the chance to win tickets to attend at the evening’s exclusive event which saw Canadian DJ Deadmau5 perform atop one of the nearby buildings as well as being wheeled in front of the crowd on a trailer complete with mobile DJ booth.

Nokia Lumia Deadmau5 2Nokia Lumia Deadmau5 3Nokia Lumia Deadmau5 4

As with last year, the party is intended to help kick off the launch of the company’s new Windows Phone 8 Lumia handsets: the Nokia Lumia 820 and the new flagship Lumia 920, however without the boon of Millbank Tower to promote animated visualisations of the new handsets, the event felt distinctly less Nokia, leaving more room for Deadmau5 on the stage.

Nokia Lumia Deadmau5 5Nokia Lumia Deadmau5 6

Nokia’s aim with the re-launch of Windows Phone in the form of Windows Phone 8 is to help establish themselves as a significant and recognisable brand, that had previously lost its way when compared to the likes of Apple and Samsung. We’ll see if the new devices help direct consumers away from the competition.

23:55 – November 28, 2012


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