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Nokia Lumia tablets rumoured for a September announcement

Nokia took to Facebook to ask its fan base over the weekend, “What have you planned for this Sunday? Schedule some time for being awesome. ”This quote came twinned with a photo of a seemingly innocuous Nokia Lumia 720, but some have pulled more from the image than may first have been apparent.

Nokia has undoubtedly built the most successful line of Windows Phone devices to date, with the Lumia brand being more prevalent than any of its market rivals. Nowadays, the smartphone is just one facet of the Windows ecosystem, having most recently entered into the tablet space with both Windows 8 and Windows RT devices and of course serving as the world’s most popular desktop operating system.

Nokia Lumia 720 - rumours about a Lumia tablet?

With such an ecosystem in place, rumours are hinting that Nokia might stretch the Lumia name to a new range of devices, unlike the smartphones we’re currently used to.

The photograph in the Facebook post features two key additional pieces of information; firstly, the calendar Live Tile cites an event called ‘Being awesome!’ scheduled for 12 o’clock on the 19th of September this year. The second piece of this intriguing puzzle is the weather Live Tile, which states the location as Stockholm.

These two titbits of information have lead many to put two and two together and assume that the launch of Nokia’s first phablets, which were already anticipated to be unveiled in September/October time, will now take to the stage at a special event in Stockholm on September 19th. We’ll have to wait and see, but it’s certainly an interesting proposition.


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