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Nokia Maps available for iPhone and Android

Nokia Maps for Mobile Web is now in beta, which means for the first time, Nokia’s mapping service is available on other mobile devices, including Android, iOS and Blackberry.

Accessed via the browser, version: 0.2-355-20110819 is compatible with iOS 4.3, Android 2.3 and 2.3 and Blackberry OS 6.0+ although this is termed ‘experimental. ’

This Google-Maps alternative lets you choose from a selection of different views, including regular Map, Satellite and Live Traffic View.  For city dwellers Public Transport View is the most useful and shows the location of tube lines in the vicinity.

POI’s in the vicinity are displayed as large blue icons and including hotels and restaurants, click through to access reviews from the AA and TripAdvisor.

Powered by Navteq, search via postcode or location and view and save favourites by clicking on a yellow star. In addition you can search for directions and choose between foot and car routes.

We tried Nokia Maps out on our iPhone this afternoon. Route planning seems quick, although moving around the maps and loading POI information isn’t – which is probably (we hope) down to our data connection.

Of course, because it’s purely online,  Nokia Maps needs an active data connection, so you really need to be on a tariff with unlimited data – or a high download cap – otherwise you could find yourself being charged extra.

Try out Nokia Maps at via your browser.

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