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Nokia Music+ subscription service goes live in the UK

As of today Nokia Music+; the new paid subscription music service from Nokia is going live in the UK.

Nokia Music has been one of the greatest exclusive apps on the Finnish manufacturer’s most recent smartphones. A trip to the Nokia Collection section of the Windows Phone Store grants you access to the app which offers users a host of musical goodness in the form of free playlists available to stream or download, as well as a full library of over 20 million tracks available for purchase, not to mention a gig finder so you can plan when you’re next going to see your favourite artists in concert.

Aside from buying tracks within the app, the Nokia-curated playlists, each with over an hour’s worth of music, are free to download and play, albeit with a track skip limit which resets every few hours. Nokia Music+ – the newly announced service which goes live today is going to open app that same functionality even further.

On top of all of the features we’ve already mentioned, the new subscription-based service, which will cost users £3.99 a month, removes the track skipping cap, allows for unlimited playlists to be downloaded for offline playback, streams higher fidelity audio files over WiFi and in select cases can display song lyrics alongside playback.

The most interesting piece of this musical puzzle is the ability to also listen to your playlists and purchases via Windows 8 and Windows RT PCs and tablets with an internet connect. With regards to the recent rumours of a Nokia Windows RT tablet on track to arrive at MWC, such a feature would slot in nicely.


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