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Nokia N79 Review


The Nokia N79 is a feature-packed phone with an old school twist — exchangeable covers. The N79 is available for free from £25 per month.

What we like
Taking exchangeable covers a step further, the N79 boasts covers that interact with the handset. When you put a cover on the N79 it automatically changes the interface theme colour to match it. It’s a small feature that displays a lot of potential regarding hardware interacting with software.

While the inclusion of an FM Radio is fairly common in mobiles these days, the N79 also has an FM transmitter, which enables you to play tracks through a car radio wirelessly. Thankfully a 3.5mm headphone jack also features so you can listen to music or the FM radio using your own headphones. There’s also GPS so that you can find your way about town using Google Maps, for example.

What we don’t like
The keypad on the Nokia N79 is a bit too flat for our liking — we found it awkward to dial and text at times. We weren’t too impressed with the 5-megapixel camera either. On paper the N79’s camera is great: a 5-megapixel sensor, autofocus, GPS geo-tagging and a dual LED photo light. In testing though we found its camera lacklustre compared to other Nokia phones such as the N82. Pictures seemed to come out blurry at times and in low light it didn’t perform very well.

The Nokia N79 has a lot of features and covers all the bases that you would expect a high-range handset to cover — with the added bonus of intelligent covers. The only problem is that we’re not as in love with it as the N82 or N95 8GB, so we’re wondering where this fits into the picture. Other than a lacklustre camera there’s nothing massively wrong with it but it’s not as inspiring as we thought it might be. 




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