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Nokia N8 heads to Virgin Media with on demand TV app preinstalled

The critic-dividing Nokia N8 is now available on Virgin Media and it will come with the Virgin Media Player app pre-installed.

This means you can watch all kinds of ace TV (like personal favourites The Hills and the IT Crowd) whenever you fancy – well, provided you have a nice strong internet connection of course – it looks like this will work over Wi-Fi or 3G but we’re waiting for Virgin Media to confirm.

UPDATE: We’ve just had word back from Virgin Media about the on-demand TV show streaming: “At launch it will only be available over a 3G network, we’re working on a software upgrade shortly after launch so it can be used over a Wi-Fi connection in the future.”

You can pick up the N8 for free if you’re willing to pay Virgin Media £40 a month – this will nab you 1,200 minutes, unlimited texts and unlimited web access.



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