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Nokia N8 price cut: £375 sim-free, or free digital radio headphones with contract

Nokia’s aluminium-encased N8, which runs on their Symbian ^3 system, is now on sale, dropping its sim-free price from £429 to £375.

The N8, which is powering Nokia Push snowboard project, has an impressive 12-megapixel camera, with Xenon flash, and your photos and video can be sent via HDMI to your PC or TV screen. You can even play big-screen Angry Birds, if you really need to.

Nokia-sponsored blog, Nok Nok says that it faces stiff competition from Nokia’s own C7.

But if you’re looking for a contract N8, Nokia are also currently offering their N8 with a free DAB. That’s a very handy digital radio wherever you want it – as long as there’s radio signal- and even better, no data charges. The DAB headphone kit is also compatible with the Nokia C7.

You can see our review of the N8 here.


Via: NokNok


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