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Nokia N8 sent to the skies for UK aerial photography project

Nokia N8 has taken to the skies, all in the name of aerial photography.

The N8, well respected for its photo-taking talents, has been paired with aerial photography pro Jason Hawkes, who’s been doing aerial photography for over 20 years.

Having already covered Norway, Colombia, Morocco, East Asia and the streets of New York, he’s now taken on the challenge of capturing the length and breadth of the British Isles – through a phone.

On using the N8, photographer Hawkes said: “My main attraction to this project was they say that the best camera you have is the one you have on you. I don’t always have my camera equipment with me but I always have my mobile and the N8 has a
12-megapixel camera with truly amazing image quality.

“By its very ,aerial photography is very difficult to do, so we’re pushing the limits of this camera as far as we can go.” 

John Nichols, from Nokia UK said: “HD Horizons is the most exciting challenge yet for the Nokia N8, but we are always looking for new ways to push its capabilities.”

It’s all part of the HD Horizons project, where landscapes will be snapped from around the UK. We’ve put some of our favourites here, but if you’re interested in seeing more in the  series,  pictures from the five-day shoot will be available at Nokia’s Flickr gallery, or you can keep up-to-date on Nokia’s Facebook page.

We start our gallery with this well-timed shot from Edinburgh.

A little south to Sheffield, but not a steel factory in sight. (Dated reference?)
Instead, enjoy this shot of Yorkshire green loveliness.

Taken over Bass Rock, in the midst of the flight of hundreds of birds. The tiny island is home to over 150,000 birds.

A Great British Photography Project wouldn’t be a Great British Photography Project without several pics of the big smoke, and we’re not going to disappoint. Here’s the first, with an overhead view of Parliament and Big Ben. London classics.

Cheddar gorge. No dairy jokes. Promise.

Way down south, a lighthouse in Lands End.

An early photo of the Olympic Games site- still a work in progress.

Zipping back up north for our final snap, from Northumberland. Not sure if that’s the Harry Potter castle or not, but that beach looks pretty inviting.


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