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Nokia N8 update is out there: Symbian Anna for Nokia C7, E7 and C6-01

An over-the-air update for several of Nokia’s high-end Symbian phones is now available, though it does depend on your country; ‘key markets’ like the UK, and several other countries in Europe and Asia can get their hands on the update now.

We’ve touched on the main highlights previously but here’s what Nokia fans can expect to get with Anna.

Most obvious is the new portrait QWERTY keyboard and – finally – split screen input, meaning you can see where you’re typing.

The web browser also promises to be zippier; with the address bar now found where you’d expect it to be – at the top. There’s a generally glossier feel to the whole system, with splashes of colour and redesigned icons- you can also re-order each homescreen, without having to drag each and every widget and icon across.

Ovi Maps has had a substantial overhaul too, and you’ll now be able to share locations through email or text message – even to non-Symbian handsets. You’ll also be able to grab Nokia’s impressive country maps over-the-air.

Security-wise, highlights include the ability to encrypt yuour phone and the microSD storage. The Nokia C7 finally gets its NFC goodness unlocked. Bring together two C7s, and you’ll be able to effortlessly share photos, contacts and possibly even play NFC Angry Birds.

This should also make the C7 compatible with those gorgeous Nokia NFC accessories, including this speaker demoed on the Nokia N9.

Exclusive to the N8, this update will add several tweaks to ready the phone for extra functions like extra camera features including continuous auto-focus in video mode. This update is rumoured to arrive next week, according to the guys at AAS.

Symbian Anna also promises over 100 minor fixes and tweaks to the phone in general. You can expect the update to take under half an hour- best leave it plugged in.


Via: All About Symbian


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