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Nokia N8 used to shoot ‘Olive’, a feature-length film that’s destined for theatres

It might be all about the Nokia Lumia 800 now and you might be forgiven for thinking that the Nokia N8’s day in the sun was over. There’s life in the old dog yet though. One has been mounted onto a specially adapted 35mm lens mount and used to shoot ‘Olive’.

In terms of cinematic ambition, this is a cut above ‘Gulp’, the record-breaking animation shot on a Nokia N8 earlier this year. It’s a fully-blown feature-length effort starring Gena Rowlands (A Woman Under the Influence, Gloria, The Skeleton Key) that’s been independently financed.

Independently financed, the project has been featured on Kickstarter, where it’s hoping to amass $300,000 (£193,076) in order to be shown in “2,000+ theatres across the United States.”

Not only would this make ‘Olive’ the first feature film to be shot on a phone, it’d be the first independent film to do so “without the backing of a Major Studio,” according to the Kickstarter blurb. So the Nokia N8 is potentially up for another two entries into the Guinness Book of Records here.

The clip below features director Hooman Khalili telling us a bit more about the project, a behind-the-scenes featurette showing the N8 mounted on the adapter (pictured) as well as the first five minutes of ‘Olive’ itself.

The film is apparently about “a little girl that goes into the lives of three people – an old lonely woman, a foreigner having a hard time acclimating in the United States, and an obese man – and transforms their lives without saying one word!”

Thoughts of Little Miss Sunshine and Amelie immediately spring to mind. We’d love to see the whole thing at some point; anyone with some deep pockets out there feel like donating?

Source: Kickstarter via TechCrunch


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