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Nokia N9: In-the-wild pics leaked, autumn release date?

This motely selection of convert snaps show that Nokia’s forthcoming phone, the Nokia N9 will be a thin, keyboard-free addition to the Finnish giant’s smartphone collection.

Rumours suggest it’ll still be powered by Nokia’s MeeGo, with Windows Phone 7-powered handsets to arrive later this year.

Engadget, who got first dibs on the photos, also had some news on technical specs and release dates.

The skinny touchscreen will be capable of an eye-blistering 960×540 resolution, with an 8-megapixel autofocus camera on the back. According to the snaps, it also has that Carl Zeiss magic found in current cameraphone champ, the Nokia N8. This will all be crammed into a package ‘thinner than an iPhone 4’.

It looks like those press photos leaked hours earlier were on the money. We hope a similar spectrum of colours also hits the UK- Europe is rumoured to be the first to get their hands on the new phone, sometime in Q3 (Autumn). More news, we suspect, tomorrow.


Via: Engadget


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