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Nokia N9 not coming to the UK, to focus on Windows Phone 7 in west Europe?

Nokia’s recently announced MeeGo-powered N9 may never see the light of day in the UK.

Something that several people on Twitter have noticed is the glaring lack of UK in Nokia Europe’s list of available countries. We’re also puzzled by the appearance of Australia and Hong Kong- both a fair distance from Europe.

Add to the rumour bucket recent comments from Nokia’s vice-president, Victor Saegis. Talking at mobile industry conference, WMPU, Saegis said that the Netherlands would, alongside five other countries, be the first to receive the new Nokia-made Windows Phone 7 handsets.

These countries; the UK Italy, Germany, France, and Spain are all conspicuously absent from the Nokia N9 availability menu. (Could it be due to the disappearance of the Nokia UK online store?)

All signs point seem to the N9 skipping over the lucrative western Europe market, perhaps creating more room in the busy smartphone market for Nokia’s rumoured ‘SeaRay’ a suspiciously N9-esque Windows Phone 7 device.

Running an unmistakably Windows Phone 7 interface, Nokia head honcho Elop said it was a ‘fully functional Windows Phone 7 device’ with a Gorilla Glass-coated touchscreen, 8-megapixel auto-focus camera with Carl Zeiss optics and a ‘pillow-shaped backing’ curved case. Sounds an awful lot like the Nokia N9.

Recombu got in touch with the Finnish phone juggernaut, whose spokesperson said that: “Nokia has not announced availability of the N9 as yet.”

We managed to get some precious hands-on time with the Nokia N9 earlier this week. Visit our hands-on gallery, or check out our video highlights.

Source: Nokia, NokiaBlog


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