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Nokia N9 to support Android apps with Alien Dalvik

Earlier this week we brought you news of the Nokia N9, the latest smartphone from the Finnish phone giant, and the first official MeeGo consumer handset to arrive in the UK, but thanks to some new software it could soon be running Android apps as well.

Mobile software developer Myriad’s Alien Dalvik software system which runs Android apps on non-Android devices,  will also be available to run on MeeGo later this year.

Alien Dalvik works by enabling developers and app stores to repackage the Android .apk installation files to run on devices which include the MeeGo operating system.

According to information on Myriad’s website, from a user perspective the applications appear as native, so it doesn’t cause any disruption to use of the phone.

This isn’t the first time that Android apps have been used on a different operating systems; the Blackberry Playbook will be able to run Android apps, via the Android App Player which was shown at the Blackberry Developers Conference earlier this year.

At the launch of the N9 earlier Nokia announced that a number Qt apps are being developed (Qt is a multiplatform toolkit used by developers). However because MeeGo is a relatively new operating system it still will take time to built and develop apps and Nokia has a lot of catching up to get close to the choice offered by rivals. However with Android apps available by the end of the year, the N9 is looking more enticing by the day. We’ll bring you a full review as soon as possible.

Source: Slashgear


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