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Nokia N900: N-Gage back from the grave?


Having recently interred the N-Gage platform, you’d have thought that Nokia had turned its back on mobile gaming for good. Then we clapped eyes on a video of the N900 from Nokia Conversations, showing it running all manner of 8 and 16-bit retro gaming loveliness. There are NES, SNES, GameBoy and GameBoy Advance emulators, one for the MSX (the platform the original Metal Gear games were written for) the ZX Spectrum, Game Gear and something which could be a MasterSystem emulator. As with PC emulators, you can assign functions (left, right, jump, etc.) to specific keys on the N900’s Qwerty, allowing you to create your own personal set up. The emulators are ready and waiting to be downloaded right now. We’re choking with excitement about this.