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Nokia N950: A Nokia N9 with a Qwerty. Sadly, you won’t be able to buy it, it’s for devs only

As we’re sitting waiting patiently for the first Nokia WP7 phone, the Finnish giant goes and announces the rather stellar-looking N9. Aw, you guys.

Then we hear about this other phone, the Nokia N950. According to The Nokia Blog where we first spotted pics of this, it’s basically a Nokia N9 with a slide-out Qwerty keypad; kind of what the E7 is to the N8 in other words.

The camera has the same 8-megapixel power, but lacks the Carl Zeiss optics of the N9. The N950’s screen is also slightly bigger – a full 4 inches compared to the N9’s 3.9-er.

If you were hoping that you’d be able to land this bad boy on a contract any time soon, then bad luck; looks like this phone is available for developers only. Still, us non-MeeGo developers can pour over these hands-on pics, courtesy of Mobilenet.

Developers wanting to write MeeGo apps for the Nokia N9 however can sign up for an N950 via the Devkit program by going here. By applying you’ll be able to get an N950 on loan from Nokia; deadline for applications is the end of Tuesday the 28th of June – next week.

So the N950 won’t be coming to your local Carphone Warehouse anytime soon. But do you think that Nokia should release a Qwerty-ed up N9? One with Carl Zeiss optics – call it the N10 or something?


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