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Nokia N97 Mini hands-on

We like the Nokia N97 but it is a bit on the chunky side and it looks like Nokia has noticed that too. The Nokia N97 Mini does what it says on the tin and has most of the same features as its larger sibling but boasts a smaller, more pocket-friendly design. Watch our video for more info and click on the next page for close up photos.

Unlike the Nokia N97 there isn’t a navigation pad on the N97 Mini’s keypad. The N97 Mini’s touchscreen is also 0.3 inches smaller than the N97’s.

The opening mechanism is the same as on the Nokia N97.

On the back there’s a 5-megapixel camera with dual LED photo lights.

The N97 Mini feels a lot more compact and we prefer its smaller design.

Here’s the N97 Mini’s 3.5mm headphone jack. One of the key differences between the N97 and N97 Mini is that the N97 Mini only has 8GB of on-board memory compared to 32GB on the full-sized N97. The Nokia N97 will be available later this year and cost around 450 euros SIM-free — it will most likely be free on certain contracts.