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Nokia adds motion detection to Lumia 925 in new update

Samsung has included some motion gesture controls on its latest flagship phone, the Galaxy S4, but Nokia is keeping things simpler with its own implementation. WPCentral reports that Nokia has pushed out an update to the Lumia 925 that lets people turn on the display simply by hovering their hand over the handset.

The update to Display + Touch enables a new “Peek” mode in Glance settings. Activating that will allow anyone to wave their hand over the top of the display, with the proximity sensor detecting the motion and turning on the screen to show the clock and notifications shortly afterwards.

Judging from WPCentral’s video demo, it seems to be fairly simple, but at least the option is there for anyone who wants to quickly glance at the phone without reaching for the power button. Only the Lumia 925 can take advantage of it right now, but any Nokia handset running Windows Phone 8 will receive the update in the future. In the meantime, here’s the update in action on a Lumia 925.


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