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Nokia reportedly working on a Galaxy Note-sized device

Nokia is said to be working on a new range of Lumia devices, with at least one being a large screen device akin to the Galaxy Note 2. The Financial Times reports that the struggling Finnish company is going to be focusing on several high-end devices over the course of the year as opposed to showcasing a single device. Nokia is also said to be working on a Windows Phone handset with a similar 40-megapixel camera to the 808 PureView.

Sources speaking to The Financial Times say that Nokia is working on “a device that can work as a phone and a tablet” that would be “similar in size” to the Galaxy Note, just with “more advanced” specs. A Note-style device running Windows Phone would certainly be an interesting addition to the roster, and it makes sense from a business standpoint. Samsung has had good success with Note series so far, particularly in Asia where preferences lean towards larger phones.

The FT also touches on the much rumoured PureView Windows Phone, saying that the device is in fact real and on track for a launch sometime in July. The device is said to feature “a 40 megapixel camera” as well as an LED flash, and the use of the PureView name suggests we’ll be seeing the same oversampling technology.

Nokia’s interest in improving smartphone cameras isn’t new, of course. The company famously released the Symbian-based 808 PureView, intriguing the world with the idea of a 41-megapixel camera but failing to turn the handset into a compelling product. The Lumia 920’s camera has also garnered a lot of praise since its release, so a Windows Phone with an attention grabbing megapixel count might just generate the buzz that Nokia is looking for.

[spotted at WMPowerUser]


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