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Nokia Pure View teaser video: February 27 launch

“Pure detail, pure depth, pure definition. Get ready to capture a pure view” These are the words that accompany the new teaser video for the Nokia PureView, the Symbian handset due to get its announcement at MWC on the 27 February.

Little else is known about this device other than it will be running Symbian Belle, will likely be a buttonless fronted touch-device and has been purported to be the successor to the Nokia N8. If this teaser is anything to go by, we can hope for an N8 class camera with the text clearly alluding to both screen quality and photography prowess.

The video is set in a snowy scene and can be likened to our recent Nokia Camera Comparison with the choice of subject matter. Coincidence? We think not. In turn, it highlights the difficulty in capturing detail in a white washed winter landscape, the subtlety of depth in shades of white snow and the definition found in ice crystals on a branch. All this points to a sharp shooter and a camera that could even top our comparison winner, the Nokia N8.

Ending with the date “27 February” centred on-screen, it looks set in stone when we can expect the PureView, the device which may be the successor to the N8 and possibly even the last Symbian handset released by Nokia.


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