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Nokia EOS bringing proper PureView technology to Windows Phone?

Could Nokia’s famous PureView technology make its way into a new 2013 Windows Phone with those massive megapixels intact? That seems to be the intention behind an unannounced handset the company are said to be working on (according to The Verge), codenamed the Nokia EOS.

Every mobile enthusiast under the sun has heard of the Nokia 808 PureView: the Symbian-based handset which the Finnish company revealed at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona nearly a year ago, blowing people away with its implementation of a 41-megapixel camera. The DNA of this amazing photographic marvel was then said to have been transplanted into the more down to earth Nokia Lumia 920: the company’s Windows Phone 8-based flagship, but despite sporting a rather impressive camera all its own, it didn’t feel like a distillation of what the 808 PureView had brought to the table.

Nokia 808 PureView

Although Nokia had a right to be proud of the Lumia 920’s low-light and image stability prowess, it made it to market with a far more conservative 8.7-megapixel shooter. Now it shouldn’t have to be said, but megapixels aren’t everything, but that was the point of PureView technology. The relatively oversized sensor; with its ability to collect so much extra image data could be used to composite a far smaller image, with seven times the accuracy, less noise, better low light performance and reduced image blur, due to the vast size of that 41-megapixel sensor. With the EOS, such a design is expected to return. It may not feature a 41-megapixel sensor like its forefather, but rather a compromise between the 808 PureView and the Lumia 920.

We’ve already learnt about Nokia’s plans to replace the polycarbonate bodies of their current handsets with aluminium and the EOS is expected to be part of the family, but not the direct successor to the current flagship, that place has been reserved for project Catwalk, along with a mid-range aluminium bodied Nokia on track to join in the fray as well. Summer 2013 should be an exciting time for Nokia, let’s hope its a successful one too.


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