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Nokia Sea Ray silicone cases outed in Nokia N9 video: Colours for all occasions

Nokia videos of late have been pretty good at hiding tantalising nuggets in plain sight. Recently, we saw what could be a Nokia 801 (aka Nokia N81) breaking cover in this Nokia 700 hands-on video.

Now it looks like that a bunch of silicone jackets for the Nokia Sea Ray have been shown off in a Nokia N9 video.

The cases, coming in all manner of colours, appear to be for the Sea Ray and not the N9, due to the positioning of gaps in the cases for things like the camera button and the camera’s LED unit.

Not exactly earth-shattering news, manufacturers have made rubbery cases for their phones for ages. But it’s exciting as it’s a reminder that we’re inching closer to the eventual reveal and release of the Sea Ray itself.

As you’ve no doubt heard already, the Sea Ray and Nokia N9 share a lot of similarities design-wise. Positioning of things like the camera flash notwithstanding, the two phones looks identical at a glance.

The Sea Ray is the codename for Nokia’s first Windows Phone 7 effort and 2011 comeback kid, and the N9 is the fruit of Nokia, Intel and AMD’s MeeGo efforts.

The N9, despite being an amazing bit of kit, won’t be coming out in the UK. Intel recently announced that it’s putting its MeeGo efforts on the back burner for the time being. Intel also announced on Tuesday that it will now be working with Google on developing Android phones, which seems to be another nail in the MeeGo coffin.

The cases themselves aren’t seen until towards the end of the video, but there’s some other interesting things in there, including some mysterious unlabelled white phones that look to have some pretty big screens.

Check out the video below and the link to My Nokia Blog, where we first saw this for more screengrabs and shots.

Source: My Nokia Blog


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