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Nokia sees jump following Black Friday sales

Normally when we report share news, it’s often doom and gloom and manufacturers struggle in a competitive market and poor economy. However Nokia has had a recent shares boost, no doubt due in part to the launch of the Nokia Lumia 800.

Nokia shares jumped 4.9%, based on strong Black Friday sales, where the consumer electronics industry as a whole saw better.

At the same time, Nokia Siemens Networks (NSN) dismissed claims it would need more money from Nokia or Siemens. Reuters has seen a letter from Rajeev Suri (NSN chief exec) employees stating parents Nokia and Siemens have provided capital ‘for the last time’ and expect results from the investment.

At the moment it’s still unclear how the Nokia Lumia 800 is doing, with reports from Orange that it has more pre-orders than any other Nokia handset and selling out in the UK, on the other hand Pacific Crest analysts are slashing sales. Nokia itself has refused to comment – unsurprisingly considering the pre-Christmas sales season hasn’t started and Nokia sales are traditionally steady.

We’ve been hugely impressed with the Lumia 800, it combines a beautifully engineered tough polycarbonate body, with Windows intuitive operating system and some neat extras like Nokia Music and Nokia Maps.

Via: Reuters


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