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Nokia takes on Google Glass with Nokia Seidhr

April Fool! Nokia and Microsoft have collaborated on a new augmented reality product set to take on Google Glass, called Nokia Seidhr.

Our sister website Recombu Digital was given an exclusive hands-on with this new type of wearable tech, which uses Nokia’s transparent graphene technology to project a floating interface, capable of full motion HD video and running a version of Windows  8. The material used is extremely flexible and controllable by touch. 

Microsoft provided motion-tracking technology (found in its Kinect console) called Microsot Visor. Infrared micro-lasers track the users’ eyes and HD nano-cameras capture HD video and panorama. Check out the video below to find out more.

Seidhr (named ancient type of Norse sorcery) is part of a venture between Microsoft and Nokia called Application Prototype Reality Interface Logging For Original Orthogonal Limit and is set to launch in Helskini in Neverember.

So is Seidhr the next generation of wearable technology?  Perhaps not at the moment. Early indications from Recombu Digital’s tests suggest the software is a little buggy and the design is not as discreet as Google Glass.


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