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Nokia shows off its Public Transport and Pulse apps coming to the Lumia 800

You wait ages for a swineing bus and then four of them come along at once. Well at least with Nokia’s Public Transport app you’ll have a better idea of exactly how to plan your bus journey. Shame the app won’t be able to do anything about hurrying them up mind…

Demoed at Nokia World 2011 last week and shown off in more detail on the Conversations blog, Public Transport is an app that’s headed to the Nokia Lumia 800 and 710 and other Nokia phones.

The app uses GPS and network data to pinpoint your position and help you plot a journey using available public transport facilities; buses, tubes, trains, you name it.

As well as being a useful way of finding your way about your home city, the new app ought to be useful when finding your way around other cities.

UK cities where Nokia Public Transport will give you timetable info for includes Bath, Birmingham, Bristol, Cardiff, Liverpool, Leeds, London (obvs), Manchester, Newcastle and Nottingham.

We understand that the Public Transport app will be a beta version with a full version due for next year. We’re looking forwards to getting out heads around London’s labyrinthine bus routes with it all the same. Our Nokia Lumia 800 review model should be en route any minute now.

Another app we’re looking forwards to testing out on the Lumia is Pulse; basically a check-in style service like Foursquare, Pulse allows you to tell specific contacts or certain groups where you are, rather than letting everyone on your contacts list know. A neat feature that chimes nicely with the whole group messaging feature of Windows Phone 7.5/Mango.

Source: Nokia Conversations