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Nokia tablet and high-end Lumia on the way?

With just a few weeks until the new year, it’s high time a very important person over at Nokia let the cat out of that bag on what to expect in the coming year. As luck would have it, Paul Amsellem, head of Nokia France has been obliging in an interview with a French newspaper, albeit in an analogy laden roundabout way.


According to an interview with French newspaper LesEchos, Amsellem describes the Lumia 800 as the “equivalent of the BMW 5 Series”, with a 7 Series and 3 Series on the way.

We can assume the 3 Series to be the Nokia Lumia 710 which we covered at Nokia World 2011. This suggests that Nokia have one very appealing proposition under their sleeves that will supercede their current flagship, the Lumia 800. We hope to see features like a front facing camera, improved battery life and a larger screen in Nokia’s “7 Series” device, however with nothing more than a car analogy to go by, what to expect is anyone’s guess.


Not content with giving us an insight into Nokia’s smartphone plans, Amsellem continued to suggest a Nokia tablet running Windows 8 can be expected by June 2012. If that is the case, then the Windows 8 platform should be released in the first half of 2012, with tablets by manufacturers such as Samsung arriving at the same time or before Nokia’s slate.

Source: Mashable


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