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Nokia Time Machine on Facebook: Nokia does a Greatest Hits before shooting for No.1 with the Sea Ray

“In the beginning, when we were winning,” Nokia might well opine in the style of James Dean Bradfield. On the cusp of Nokia World 2011, where the hotly anticipated Sea Ray is expected to decloak, Nokia has posted a ‘Time Machine’ up on its UK Facebook page, giving us a quick retrospective look at its greatest hits, misses and inbetweeners.

Featured phones include everything from the Nokia 3310 (first breakthrough hit), the N-Gage (experimental period) the 6300 (crowd pleaser) and the Nokia N95 (copper-bottomed classic).

The idea is that you “share your fondest memory” from the time when you owned a Nokia back in the day and post everything on your Facebook wall. You don’t have to share all your memories of the early 2000s of course. If they’re anything like ours, they’d mainly consist of reading notes for A Level English in a freezing common room.

Nokia is obviously trying to tap the nostalgia factor here in preparation for its big comeback hit. We were obviously thinking along the same lines a few months ago, when we gave some of Nokia’s finest (and not so fine) moments a retrospective spin ourselves.

Whether the Sea Ray will be able to please us now as the Nokia 3310 did back in the noughties remains to be seen. We’re expecting big things obviously, but won’t know for sure if the Sea Ray will be a rousing return to form or a misfire that appeals to neither the old guard or the new kids.

Source: Nokia UK Facebook