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Nokia to close UK online store

Nokia had previously announced the switch-off of its online stores in both France and Spain, and it now looks to have come to the British Isles.

Several affiliate sites connected to Nokia  have been told that its official online store, which had several (brief) exclusive deals with popular Nokia handsets like the E7 and X7, will soon be closing its doors. For good.

It looks like Nokia were unable to attract enough interest to their site, though whether this is a problem with the site or a result of the current crop of lacklustre phones isn’t certain.

The troubled phone giant has set out to reform the company in the face of very strong competition from both Apple and Android smartphones.

Recent research showed that phones powered by Nokia’s home-made Symbian OS has dropped from a 31% share of the smartphone market to just over 10%; a 20% loss, mostly to Android handsets.

Many are awaiting Nokia’s first Windows Phone 7 smartphone offering, set to arrive late 2011. Nokia’s online shop is set to close at the end of June.

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