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Nokia to launch new Android phones in 2016

Nokia is already hiring fresh blood for its return to the smartphone hardware battle at the end of 2016, when its non-compete deal with Microsoft finally dies.

Update: We’ve just seen leaks of the new Nokia C1 Android phone emerge online. Here’s the full Nokia C1 skinny.

Trying to keep up with Nokia’s supposed future plans is almost a full-time job in itself. After being taken over by Microsoft, it appeared that Nokia would ditch smartphone manufacturing entirely and concentrate on its software and telecoms gigs. But after a fair bit of flip-flopping, it now looks like Nokia is intent on producing new mobiles, given its latest round of job advertisements.

Reuters picked up on a number of LinkedIn job ads posted by Nokia’s technologies division in California, asking for Android engineers and other product development specialists. And while this could be something completely innocuous – after all, Nokia has already dipped all of its toes into Google’s OS, with the likes of its Z Launcher and Android ports of popular services – we’re hopeful that Nokia could storm back into the smartphone game next year, in a bid to regain its crown.

Contractual obligations with parent company Microsoft means that Nokia can’t launch any new products until December 2016, but it looks like the telecoms giant isn’t simply twiddling its thumbs in the meantime. And with its long-awaited N1 tablet finally hitting the UK this month, ready to take on the iPad Mini, we can’t wait to see what Nokia comes up with next.


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