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Nokia’s Windows tablet launch event set for September 26th?

Nokia’s affiliation with Microsoft and Windows Phone has existed since the company adopted it as its primary mobile OS, with the launch of the Nokia Lumia 800 back in late 2011. Thus far we’ve seen them build the most promising Windows Phone device lineup out there, but signs are pointing towards the a new product class in the company’s mobile portfolio, tablets.

Nokia Lumia Windows tablet concept

Based on a number of sources close to WP Central, the site claims to have come across plans for a new Nokia event, set to take place between the 26th and 27th of September. The event is scheduled to be held somewhere in New York, but it’s unclear as to whether or not this is an internal or a public affair. Based on past trends, Nokia has favoured the Big Apple for a number of its key product launches; with the Nokia Lumia 1020 most recently taking to the stage at the Pier 92 and the Nokia Lumia 920 the same time last year.

Nokia’s launch schedule has now been ramped up to producing one significant device each quarter with second tier and regional devices arriving in between, so the Nokia tablet could well be the company’s hero device of Q3, 2013. The notion of a Nokia tablet has been talked about for a long time, with spyshots and benchmark leaks having already emerged online. Supposed specs for a Lumia tablet have also appeared, linked to a device called the Nokia RX-114.

Nokia RX-114 benchmark

This potential Lumia tablet is suspected to run Windows 8.1, use a quad-core ARM-based CPU (suggesting it supports Windows RT and not full Windows), totes an Adreno 330 GPU and utilises an unusual 1371×771 resolution. One of WP Central’s sources who claims to have handled a prototype Nokia tablet describes the slate as, “…smallish, something like 11 inches, using Windows of course. I have very little detailed information, but the design was very much in the same style as their Lumia phones with bright colours and rounded corners. The model they showed me was bright red.”

We’ll keep our ears and eyes peeled for a Nokia tablet with Lumia look, but we doubt it’ll be hard to miss.


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