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Nokia to start producing tablets running Windows RT and Windows 8?

Are Nokia finally extending their reach beyond Windows Phone and entering into the tablet space with a Windows RT-based tablet? That’s certainly a possibility if the imagery caught on camera is to believed.

During a recent Nokia event which took place in Pakistan a keen-eyed photographer noticed that Nokia’s onscreen image contained two unknown devices. Whether they’re concept or otherwise, the main device looks to be a tablet sat alongside the recently released Nokia Lumia 620. Based on the on-screen visuals the tablet looks to be running Windows RT and features an expansive display, with a thin bezel and a brightly coloured body.

Nokia Windows tablet? who received the photo originally pointed out that tablet’s scale relative to the Lumia 620 means that it features a display which is approximately 7 to 8-inches whilst the tablet just out of shot which makes use of a more masucline design with its hard edges could well be a Windows 8 Pro-based alternative.

It would at this stage, make sense for Nokia to dip their toe into the tablet space, with Windows Phone 8 finally in full flow and the company now able to offer up a range of new handsets, the addition of a tablet could help strengthen not only the Lumia brand, but the Windows ecosystem too.

The company’s Mobile World Congress press conference is set to take place on the morning of the 25th in Barcelona and is expected to shed some light on a number of rumoured Nokia products: aluminium bodied Lumias, new PureView technology and now, Windows RT tablets.


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