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Nokia WP7 phones leak, internet cries fake

A video purporting to show upcoming Nokia Windows Phone 7 handsets has popped up online. The supposedly leaked promo was sent in to the editor of, and has since been doing the rounds on the interweb with tech blogs tentatively posting stills and YouTube links – and being met with many an eyebrow arched over the question of its authenticity.

First on our list of qualms: the villain responsible for the leak reportedly claimed to be an employee of Microsoft, even while contacting the blog’s editor with an e-mail address. Then there’s the video itself, which appears to be at least partly (but not entirely) patched together from pre-existing Nokia promotional footage. Then we get to the end of the video, and whoa! Suddenly Nokia phones are old hat, and we’re being pitched folding Minority Report phones from the future! Except, sadly, that’s also been pinched from a trouser-tighteningly excellent Microsoft Office Labs video, and stitched jarringly onto the end of the clip. Shame.

The brief glimpses we get of the handsets (above) look new to us, but tellingly we don’t see any actual people interacting with the phones in the video – the only bit that moves in these segments are the phones’ displays, which makes us think this is probably just a video of the standard Windows Phone 7 interface layered over some concept shots.

Without the incongruous addition of the Microsoft Office Labs tacked on the end, this would have had a lot more credibility, but as it stands, we call shenanigans. Cast your own discerning eyes over the video below and let us know your conclusions.

Link: MyNokiaBlog


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