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Nokia X1-00: Huge external speaker, no camera, €34 (or £30)

We can’t decide what’s the most shocking thing about the Nokia X1-00; the massive external speaker on the back, the eye gougingly-bright orange colour scheme or the cheap as chips price point – €34 which works out at less than £30, before taxes. Bargain!

The fact that it doesn’t have a camera is also pretty brave – in this day and age? The X1-00, announced today by Nokia, is apparently aimed at music lovers; presumably ones who love music so much that they’re prepared to overlook the absence of even a 2-megapixel shooter.

Nokia Conversations says that massive speaker is rated at ‘106 phon’, with a ‘phon’ being a measure of perceived loudness.

Apparently, 106 phon is enough to rattle your window frames. More likely, this will be used to rattle the window frames of buses as Tinie Tempah or Fairport Convention gets blasted out from the back seats.

At least whatever the kids are listening to these days won’t sound tinny and horrible on the X1-00; music reportedly remains undistorted even at the highest volume setting when played through the speaker.

There’s three external music keys for pause/play and skip. MicroSD support up to 16GB is also included, giving you a decent amount of playlist storage.

Maybe Nokia will integrate similar-quality speakers into its first lot of Windows Phone 7 phones. Or, given Nokia’s naming conventions of late, maybe we’ll see a Nokia X1-01, or X1-02. Hopefully with cameras.

The Nokia X1-00 is due to arrive in April in ‘selected markets’ – no word on whether or not this will make it in the UK yet, but we’ll keep you posted.


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