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Nokia X7: What’s in the box?

We’ve just gotten a-hold of our Nokia X7 review sample and have raided the contents of its cardboard prison for a What’s in the box?-ing.

What you do get in the box is pretty much what you’d expect; the X7 itself, a USB cable, mains charger and some headphones. The X7 itself is rather nice looking in the flesh – a lot nicer than we thought it would be from all those leaked/rumoured pics.

This is the first finished Symbian Anna phone we’ve got hold of. We’re going to spend some time getting to know Anna a bit better so those of you with a Nokia N8, C7, C6-01 and E7 have a better idea of what to expect once the update arrives.

Before we do just that and charge ahead with our full Nokia X7 review, feel free to have a nose through these pictures.

The Nokia X7 running Anna; so far, so Symbian. There is a definite improvement to the presentation here. Improvements which include… *drumroll*

…a Qwerty keyboard in portrait! Finally… The first thing we’re going to do after this is see how Swype fares.

Despite it’s appearance, there’s only one external speaker on the Nokia X7 (not four as was rumoured). This is located in the bottom left corner.

As you’d expect, a tap of the mechanical menu key launches the familiar Symbian tray of icons.

The X7’s 4-inch AMOLED is rather shiny and reflective; the ClearBlack technology should make things nice and legible in bright conditions.

Micro USB and 3.5mm connections there down the front, next to a locker button. Above this there’s the camera unit in all its glory; 8-megapixels and a dual LED flash.

This is the ‘light steel’ version of the Nokia X7; the brushed metal back gleams nicely under our harsh overhead lights. The back cover doesn’t want to come off though, meaning you can’t get at the battery. So where are the SIM and memory card slots?

Here of course. Both of these click and slide out with a gentle nudging and snap back into place just as easily. As with the iPad 2, they’re virtually flush with the curvature of the X7’s body once they’re back in. Very nicely done.

Round on the other side of the X7 is a volume rocker and a dedicated camera button. Like the card launcher trays these don’t interrupt the X7’s smooth curved lines.

The headphones that come bundled with all Nokia smartphones as standard. We like these; great sound response, comfortable, interchangable rubber buds and a control unit that lets you pause skip forwards/back as well as adjust volume and mute music for incoming calls.

Perhaps taking a leaf out of the Symbian Anna design book, the box containing the cables and the information leaflets borrow the ‘squaricle’ round edged look of the Symbian Anna app icons.

This is your lot for now; stay tuned for a Symbian^3 vs Symbian Anna comparison and our full review.


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